Turn Your Website into profits for your business

Get more leads, get more clients, and create more profit with a website specifically designed to convert.

our mission

design. function. leads.

We design our websites with one specific purpose, TO GENERATE PROFIT for you. This means converting site visitors into viable client leads.

The Question

what's your website doing for your business?

We understand the frustration of having a website built and not getting the results you want out of it.

Here’s the good news: We understand of the web, and we know how to use it to turn a website into a lead generating machine.

Why Us

Why Choose Our Design

Proven Design for Profit

Our websites are designed following specific principles that improve the number of leads that you will generate month over month.

Expert Project Management

You can focus on your business while we manage all the components associated with the design, content, and function of your website.

Fast Development Turn Around

We have a step by step process that allows use to rapidly complete your project so that you can start seeing the benefits of a lead generating website as soon as possible.

Clear Communication

We cut through all of the fancy technical talk so that we can get your site from design idea to completion as quickly as possible.

The Plan



Online Meeting

Schedule a simple no strings website consultation.



Analyze your market, come up with a strategy, and select a design and marketing direction.



Implement the strategies and design and watch your leads grow.

Web Design Process

Get Leads

A Website that Converts



H. Noon
H. NoonHR Connection
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They were extremely helpful in getting my new website up and running. Having access to Elementor and all of the design templates made building my website go so much faster. Now I have a complete website that loads quickly, and I love the design.
C. Cash
C. CashBridgeway Medical Simulation
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Hands of Hosting is the best hosting provider we've used. As a small company we can't always focus on the technical stuff involved with a website and hosting. The made the process of getting our website up and running as easy a possible, and they able to explain the technical things to us in a way we understood. This has been a great partnership.


Here's what you'll get...

Project Management

You can focus on your business while we manage all the components associated with the design, content, and function of your website.

Conversion Strategy

Your website is an extension of your business. Each section of your website is designed as a single step in the process of taking an individual from a site visitor to a business lead.

Writing Copy

For your website to have maximum impact your website copy needs to convert visitors, period. We write compelling and persuasive copy that engages and converts visitors.

Beautiful Design

With a professional web design, your website can provide you visitors with the best user experience. A visitor's experience will reflect negatively on positively on your brand.


Our websites are developed on a WordPress backend. This is great for SEO and makes it easy to grow your website over time. Over 60% of CMS websites use WordPress.

Responsive Design

All of our websites have a responsive design. This means that it will appear consistent across multiple devices e.g. web browers, tables, mobile phones.


Additional Services

In addition to website design, Hands of Hosting and Design offers workshops, premium hosting, and landing page design.


Want to DIY. Our "Website in an Hour" workshop shows you how to design a beautiful website for your business in a little over an hour.


We provide premium WordPress hosting, include LiteSpeed servers, Free & Easy Site Migration, and a 99.9% Uptime Commitment.

Landing Pages

We'll design a landing page to compliment your brand and marketing, and drive traffic to a particular idea, product, or your business as a whole.


Have questions? We have answers!

1)The first thing you need to do is get a domain name.

2)Then you need to get your hosting.

The domain is like the street address and the hosting is like the land.  Your website is the house that sits on the land.

Once you have your hosting you can start building you website. There are many tools that can help you build a website, but we recommend WordPress. 

If you want help with step by step details on how to build a website, from the purchase of you domain to going live with your new website, check out our Website in an Hour Workshop

Our Website Profit Plan is designed for businesses in the service industry. This would include, but is definitely not limited to, construction and electrical companies, doctors and dentist offices, financial and business consultants, locksmiths, interior designers, and more. If you have a service business and are looking to turn your ineffective or non existent website into a revenue generating asset for your business then this is the plan for you.

Website copying is the wording on your website designed to generate leads. It is written and structured in a particular way to engage and persuade visitors to convert. Not to be confused with website content which is there to build trust after aa visitor is familiar with your brand.

You can definitely build your website yourself, but should you?  Do you have time to research the best design strategies for your brand, scour the internet for suitable images, create persuasive sales copy, or deal with the technical issues that always arise when dealing with the web design. If you’re like most people you’ll lose steam halfway through and end up with a mediocrely put together site that doesn’t represent your brand well or generate revenue.

If you want to spend your time focusing on your business and have an expert design your site, then you are in the right place.

Websites range from $150 up to 10s of thousands. The value you get out of a $150 website is not going to be the same as the 2500 or 5000 website.

Our websites are designed to sell, and increase your return on investment. You are getting a more in depth strategy and expertly written content and copy. You’re spending more for a site that will make you money. When you go for the cheaper option, you’re not likely to recoup the cost of the site at all. Over time you’ll see a much greater return from Our design.